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Cannabis Education Series and Classes

Learn how cananbis can help with your medical conditions & daily life Check our calendar for classes and seminars

call for information : 904-566-1975


Cannabis and Yoga Exercise

5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

1805 W Colonial Dr Ste A ,Orlando FL 32804

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Cannabis and Yoga Exercise

Join us May 17 5:30pm- 7:30PM

For an exciting and fun event.Learn how cannabis and yoga combined can help with pain, stress and relaxation.

address:1805 W Colonial Dr Ste A Orlando FL 32804

register: www.paypal.me/delisabpatriciasrock 

5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

1805 W Colonial Dr Ste A ,Orlando FL 32804


Marijuana Education Lunch & Learn

12:30pm - 1:30pm

1805 W Colonial Dr Ste A,Orlando FL 32804

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Marijuana Education Lunch & Learn

Free Marijuana Lunch and Learn series

Special guest: Surterra Wellness 

join Patricia's Rock, Medical Injury Care Provider Network, for an educational lunch and learn  series.Learn about cannabis treatments, products available for your medical condition

 Lunch will be provided


12:30pm - 1:30pm

1805 W Colonial Dr Ste A,Orlando FL 32804


Patricia's Rock

About Us

 Patricia's Rock offers Outpatient mental health services for Adults, Adolescents & Children . Our mental health professionals  provide comprehensive outpatient services for a wide variety of mental health issues for adults ,adolescents, family, and groups. 

Each of our therapists are licensed and experienced in various types of  evidence based therapy modalities in specialized issues such as, Anxiety , depression, Post traumatic stress disorder issues, Panic attacks, divorce-related issues, & various other conditions. 

Trauma Therapy

 Traumatic events effect  many people in different ways.We specialize in  treating many types of trauma. 

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What We Do


Mental Health

At Patricia's  Rock we offer  a variety of counseling & psychotherapy services  for Adults, adolescents & children using a variety of evidence based therapy models. 


Case Management

 Coordinate services through working with the client and all providers to offer a comprehensive network of support that is efficient and effective. 


Collaborative Law

Methods of dispute resolution, and an ideal vehicle to consider when disputes arise in the areas of probate, trust administration, and estate planning. 

Contact Us

For general inquiries, please contact us.

Feel free to call:  


(855)-787-7997 office

(407)-883-8359 office

(904)-566-1975 mobile


Patricias Rock

425 W Colonial Dr Unit 201, Orlando, Florida 32804, United States

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